“In addition to the program itself, the festival has worked throughout the year with children from the region, making the event itself only the most visible point of a broad activity. For this reason, owing to its solid conceptual proposal, being much more than a mere pretext or suggestion, as well as its high quality realization, Artes Vertentes is today one of the most important events in the Brazilian music calendar”.


João Luiz Sampaio

Estado de São Paulo


This was the opinion of one of the most important art critics in Brazil in an article published in the Estado de São Paulo, after having attending the program of the fifth edition of the Festival Artes Vertentes - International Arts Festival of Tiradentes.

It remains our greatest commitment with Tiradentes and with the audience of the Festival Artes Vertentes to high-level performance in all artistic languages - music, cinema, visual arts, performing arts and literature. Also to act as a communication platform not only between artistic aspects, always integrated by a curatorial motif, but also between musicians, writers, directors, thinkers, actors and visual artists, from Brazil and abroad. They perform in Tiradentes, for 11 days in September, a program that seeks both excellence and to extend its action, holding art workshops throughout the year for hundreds of children in the region in partnership with public and associative entities.


Though each year the Festival revolves around a fixed motif, it does not prove restrictive. On the contrary, this consolidation presents us with new challenges. To seek more and more excellence in performances. To contribute effectively to the enrichment of Brazilian culture. To work on disturbing themes that provoke a healthy debate of ideas and proposals, leading people to reflect on issues that mark our time and our lives in society. To integrate ourselves more and more into the community of Tiradentes and neighboring cities via an educational program giving more children the opportunity for new discoveries through art.

In 2020, the Festival Artes Vertentes has chosen the H2O formula as a curatorial motif. In myth, the passage between the realm of life and death, in fact, between the Old and the New World. Itself a world that allows infinite exploration, being the crucial medium of life and able to penetrate the most inhospitable places. A reflection on WATER will be proposed through all the Festival programming.

It is with great joy that we announce the 9th edition of the Festival Artes Vertentes - International Arts Festival of Tiradentes, from November 26 to December 6, 2020. The enthusiasm and professionalism that have brought us here is redoubled.