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September 12th until 22 

This edition brought an extensive program, revoking various aspects of “Communication”, through the curatorial motto “The last cry before eternal silence”.  This sentence alludes to the last message sent in Morse Code by the French Navy in 1997. Based on the poetics of this sentence, we encouraged a reflection on various aspects of communication in contemporary society.

The Festival Artes Vertentes brought together 40 artists from 12 different countries, including Scholastique Mukasonga, Gilberto Gawronski, Svetlana Filippova, Eliane Coelho, Kristina Blaumane, among others.

The program of the Festival included: ​

18 classical music concerts

6 visual arts exhibitions 
3 theater performance
10 cinema and animation sessions 
Readings, literature performances, story telling, lecture cycle and books releases
Master classes and guided tours



Visual Artss

Mac Adams | Carybé | Svetlana Filippova | Siri | Arlindo Oliveira | Mar de Paula​ | François Andes 



Ricardo Domeneck | Angélica Freitas | Guilherme Gontijo Flores | André Capilé | Lívia Natália | Dylan Thomas Hayden | Charlotte Leport | Scholastique Mukasonga | Deborah Castro | Pascal Marquilly | Marcus Fabiano 



Eliane Coelho | Gustavo Carvalho | Jakob Katsnelson  | Coro VivAvoz | Alexandre Barros | Kristina Blaumane | Catherine Carignan | Elissa Cassini | Darya Filippenko | Marcus Julius Lander | Sofia Leandro | Alma Maria Liebrecht | Cássia Lima | Madrigal Beija-Flor | Renata Vanucci | Paulo Rosa | Bruno Santos | Guilherme Vincens | Stepan Yakovitch

Performing Arts


Gilberto Gawrosnki | Compagnie Zai​ | Alunos da Ação Cultural do Festival Artes Vertentes 



Artistas do Festival | Márcia Piramo | Maria Raquel Fernandes | Sérgio Amadeu da Silveira | Maria Vragova | Francisco de Araújo 

Download the pdf from the catalog 

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