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September 6-16 

The curatorial motto of this edition "Tiradentes: universal village" paid tribute to the city of Tiradentes, which turned 300 in 2018. The festival sought in music, literature, cinema, performing arts and visual arts the elements that make the city universal. The artists invited to participate in the seventh edition underlined the value of political, historical, religious, social and aesthetic truth. To challenge it, and rethink the connections and frontiers between the public, the private and the intimate in the construction of the individual and the community. 

The Festival Artes Vertentes brought together 36 artists from 9 different countries, like Mac Adams, Maja Bogdanovic, Serguei Maksimishin, Alioune Diagne, Nuno Ramos, Daniel Rowland, among others. 

The program of the Festival included: ​

12 classical music concerts
2 visual arts exhibitions 
1 theater performance
10 cinema sessions 
Readings, lecture cycle and book releases
Master classes and guided tours 



Visual Arts 

Eder Santos | Mac Adams | Serguei Maksimishin (artista em residência) | Ana Alves | Nícia Braga | Caetano Dias | Eduardo Hargreaves | Nuno Ramos  | Rick Rodrigues  | Coletivo Cênica



Ricardo Domeneck 



Gustavo Carvalho | Jakob Katsnelson  | Fernando Rocha | Daniel Rowland | Maja Bogdanovic  | Harry Crowl (compositor em residência) | Pedro Durães  | Duo Qattus |

Rommel Fernandes | Felipe José | Elise Pittinger | Sonante 21: grupo de música contemporânea | Coro VivAvoz

Performings Arts and Dance


Alioune Diagne


Juliana Antunes


Cristina Seabra | Carlos Henrique Falci | Rogério Lopes

Download the pdf from the catalog 

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