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Ação Cultural


Since 2013, the Festival Artes Vertentes has gone beyond the eleven days of each edition's programming. From February to the beginning of December, it promotes the Cultural Educational program, offering free music and visual arts courses to children and teenagers in Tiradentes.

From 2014 to 2019, around 900 children participated in the Cultural Educational Program of the festival. Part of this process is always presented during the festival's program, in the form of exhibitions, animations, concerts and theatrical shows. Therefore, annually, the artistic production of children is part of the dialogue stimulated between artists from different countries around a specific curatorial motif.

We believe that, by promoting the Cultural Educational Program, the Festival Artes Vertentes establishes its social role in the community of Tiradentes, giving priority to areas of socio-cultural and educational vulnerability. Through regular contact with art, in its different languages and in an interdisciplinary way, participating children and adolescents build a possibility of change. They experience esthetic and artistic practice through quality theoretical and practical teaching, which contributes to the formation of critical and autonomous citizens.

In 2020, the Cultural Educational Program of the Festival Artes Vertentes has weekly classes throughout the year in the following areas:



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Em 2024, a Ação Cultural do Festival Artes Vertentes conta com aulas semanais durante todo o ano nas seguintes áreas:


Professors: Ísis Bey Trinidade and Fabíola Ciociola
Visual arts classes take place every week at the AMAT, AMOBAPA and APAE Tiradentes. These classes attend around 70 children from 7 up to 14 years. 



Choir VivAvoz

Maestro and professor: Renata Vanucci. Composed by 30 participants from 7 up to 14 years old, the choir VivAvoz has weekly rehearsals, which take place at the Museum Casa Padre Toledo (Cultural Campus of the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Tiradentes). The choir has concerts in Tiradentes and region throughout the year.


Initiation in Music 

Professor: Tiago Sousa
The classes in Music Initiation take place weekly at the AMAT, AMOBAPA and APAE Tiradentes, attending around 25 children from 5 up to 15 years.

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