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Far beyond the 11 days of its annual program, the FESTIVAL ARTES VERTENTES performs work throughout the year in Tiradentes. We are concerned about being always present with the community of friends, artists, students, teachers and collaborators, proposing encouragement, dialogue and reflection through art. We hope this message finds you in good health and safety. Aware of the importance of preserving the life and health of everyone, we know that avoiding crowds is essential at this time. It was precisely this reason that led us to postpone the dates of Artes Vertentes, traditionally held in September, for the period between November 26 and December 6, 2020.

After having carried out 8 beautiful editions in Tiradentes, presenting a high artistic level programming in the different languages contemplated by the festival - music, visual arts, literature, cinema and performing arts -, the Artes Vertentes team will spare no effort to adapt to the moment, reformulating the festival in order to encourage dialogues and exchanges of cultural experiences, taking the necessary care with everyone's health. The Artes Vertentes Cultural Action did not stop – it reinvented itself so that our students were not deprived of weekly classes and activities and could continue receiving artistic impulses during the entire period of physical isolation that we went through. Since mid-March, the project's teachers and educators have brought the pedagogical content to virtual platforms, conducting online classes, organizing and producing content for our students through our digital channels and offering individualized follow-up over the past few months.  

All this would not be possible without the generous collaboration and support of the AAFAV – Association of Friends of the Festival Artes Vertentes – a non-profit association based in Tiradentes, which is always committed to creating possibilities that bring culture, education and art closer together, making the spirit of Artes Vertentes pulse throughout the year in Tiradentes and also in the daily lives of children and teenagers who participate in our sociocultural project.

Today, more than ever, the contribution of friends and partners, through donations and sponsorships, is essential for us to maintain our activities. Therefore, we are immensely grateful for the faithful and generous support that Festival Artes Vertentes receives from the 70 members who currently make up this association.  

We would like to invite you to join AAFAV and be a part of this transformative work. Together Strands Arts!

There are several ways to collaborate with the maintenance of the Festival and its Cultural Action:  


Join or renew your annuity  


AMIGO AAFAV helps in carrying out the Cultural Action of the Festival Artes Vertentes. The annuities allow dozens of children to have regular contact with art, in its various languages and in an interdisciplinary way. In addition to their formative nature, these actions, articulated by the Cultural Action project (weekly workshops throughout the year and actions during the event), represent a possibility of change in the lives of children and young people in the region, ensuring access to aesthetic and by making art, stimulating theoretical and practical teaching with quality and contributing to the formation of critical and autonomous citizens. 

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You can join through this form. 

and choose the best payment method for your annuity: bank deposit or credit card payment in up to 3 installments.



Become an ambassador-friend of Festival Artes Vertentes and AAFAV. Promote the AMIGO AAFAV program and collaborate even more by bringing new friends to contribute to the continuation of the Festival Artes Vertentes and its Cultural Action. Together we will be stronger.

Any contribution is significant and helps to maintain the Cultural Action that benefits dozens of children in the region. Write to us: and we will guide you on how you can contribute.


bring one
new friend

Any contribution is welcome

Be part of the history of Festival Artes Vertentes 

Due to its high-level international programming and the transforming socio-cultural work developed with children and teenagers from Tiradentes and neighboring municipalities, the Festival Artes Vertentes presents itself as a unique opportunity to give visibility, prestige and reputation to your company's brand.

For information about sponsorship, contact us by email.

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